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Certified in emissions inspection since 1993, our employees are the most trusted in the business. We constantly change as technology does, stop in and see for yourself!

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday: 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

General Auto Repair and Inspection


Daily, hundreds of cars and trucks drive past our building at the busy intersection of Mansfield Boulevard and Chestnut Street without realizing we are a repair shop because our building does not look like a garage from the front.
Some customers didn’t know what we were, or thought we just did radiator repairs. After finding us, they now call Carnegie Radiator their automotive repair home.
Carnegie Radiator has been proudly performing automotive and light truck repairs for over 35 years. As an ASE-certified repair center, we are a dependable general automotive care center that specializes in automotive air-conditioning and cooling system repair.

Professional Service

To learn more about the superior automotive repair services available from Carnegie Radiator in Carnegie, Pennsylvania, contact us at (412)-279-6681

In 1993, we were certified as an official emissions inspection station for the state of Pennsylvania, and we have been performing general automotive repairs since. The professionals at Carnegie Radiator have grown with the ever changing technology of the modern automotive industry. We have diversified from simple radiator repairs into almost all automotive repairs and emissions inspections.

Quite often, the two most sought after qualities in auto repair center are friendliness and honesty. At Carnegie Radiator, you will find both in abundance. We pay attention to detail, and get the job done right the first time. we are honored to serve our community and are eager to stay within your budget and share our superior, quality services reliably, efficiently, and accurately. Please visit the professionals at Carnegie Radiator for all of your automotive repair needs such as:

  • General Automotive Services
  • AC System Repairs
  • Cooling Systems Repair