Air Conditioner Repair

Beat the summer heat with air-conditioning system repairs from Carnegie Radiator in Carnegie, PA. At Carnegie Radiator, we do complete performance diagnostics and repair of your vehicle’s AC system. We hook up to our diagnostic machine to capture the functions of the system to see if refrigeration is low and if the system has a full charge. We also use electronic leak detectors to pinpoint the leak so we can replace the appropriate parts.
Every vehicle is different, but we work with all makes and models and their exact specifications. We are able to find your issue, whether it is a leak in the system or an electrical problem. Although some repair centers are only able to charge your AC, Carnegie Radiator has the expertise to go above and beyond a simple recharge. We will diagnose and repair any AC issues. Our lead mechanic has more than 25 years experience working on AC systems, and his level of expertise is above standard
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